65uino (SMD components presoldered)

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65uino (SMD components presoldered)
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65uino (SMD components presoldered)
Produkt: 65uino (SMD components presoldered)
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Introducing our open-source development board, where the classic Arduino Uno pin layout meets the robust MOS 6507 CPU and 6532 RIOT, running at a vintage 1 MHz clock speed. This unique board, designed by Anders Nielsen, boasts compatibility with Arduino Uno and features a socket for an SSD1306 0.96" OLED display, allowing you to explore retro computing and DIY electronics with a modern twist.

Note: This product is for those who already have a 6507 CPU, 6532 RIOT, ROM + sockets, and pin headers. (Not included in this product)

In addition to the PCB with SMD components, you will need the following to assemble a complete 65uino:

W27C512 EEPROM or SST39SF010A Flash ROM* (*SST39SF010A requires modification - see this video: https://youtu.be/YaBMnZAg_aY - you can also use a 32 pin socket on the 65uino and modify the socket instead of the SST39SF010. )
2 x 28-pin sockets (for ROM and optionally for 6507)
1 x 40-pin socket (optional)
DC "Barrel Jack" (optional)
Key Features:
Classic Arduino Compatibility: With the familiar Arduino Uno pin layout, this board ensures a seamless transition for Arduino enthusiasts while providing access to the power of the MOS 6507 CPU and 6532 RIOT.
MOS 6507 CPU: At the heart of this board is the MOS 6507 microprocessor, operating at a nostalgic 1 MHz clock speed. It offers a genuine glimpse into early computing technology.
6532 RIOT: Accompanied by the 6532 RIOT, which combines RAM, I/O, and a timer, you have all the tools needed for versatile projects.
SSD1306 OLED Display Socket: The built-in socket for an SSD1306 0.96" OLED display lets you visualize your projects with crisp graphics and text.
Micro USB for Power: With a micro USB port for power, this board ensures convenient and accessible energy supply for your experiments.
Open-Source: This development board is open-source, fostering a collaborative and innovative community to enhance and expand its capabilities.
Retro Meets Modern: This board offers the perfect blend of retro computing nostalgia and modern DIY electronics, all in an open and collaborative environment.
Limitless Applications: Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to electronics, the possibilities are endless. From gaming and emulation to embedded systems and creative inventions, this board is your canvas.
Unleash your creativity and explore vintage technology with our unique open-source development board, designed by Anders Nielsen. Whether you're building classic-style computing projects or innovative modern experiments, this platform, complete with SSD1306 OLED display support and micro USB power, provides an exciting and collaborative foundation for your endeavors.

The whole project is open source and your can find the source on Github: https://github.com/AndersBNielsen/65uino  

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