Female Pinheaders for 65uino Kit

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Female Pinheaders for 65uino Kit
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Female Pinheaders for 65uino Kit
Produkt: Female Pinheaders for 65uino Kit
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 Introducing our Female Pin Header Kit for the 65uino development board PCB.

This kit includes a versatile selection of generic 2.54mm pin headers, featuring 10-pin, 8-pin (x2), 6-pin, and 4-pin connectors, each meticulously crafted to facilitate easy and secure connections on your 65uino PCB.

Key Features:
Tailored for 65uino: Specifically designed for use with the 65uino development board PCB, ensuring seamless compatibility and effortless connections.
Secure Connections: Female pin headers provide stable and reliable connections, keeping your components firmly in place.
Durable Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, these headers are built to withstand repeated use, making them ideal for various electronics projects.
Wide Compatibility: Designed for compatibility with standard male pin headers, dupont cables, and various electronic components, enhancing the versatility of your 65uino-based creations.
Versatile Applications: Whether you're prototyping, circuit building, or diving into creative 65uino projects, this kit ensures that you have the right connections at your fingertips.
With our Female Pin Header Kit, tailored for the 65uino development board PCB, and featuring generic 2.54mm pin headers, you'll have the essential components to create secure and reliable connections, ensuring the success of your 65uino electronic endeavors.

Hint: This kit will also work if you want to replace the female headers on an Arduino Uno. 

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