Relatively Universal ROM Programmer - Rev 1

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Relatively Universal ROM Programmer - Rev 1
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Relatively Universal ROM Programmer - Rev 1
Produkt: Relatively Universal ROM Programmer - Rev 1
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Note: This product includes the PCB with SMD components presoldered. You also need a minimum of a socket and pinheaders for some fun self-soldering. 
The photos currently show Rev 0 - Rev 1 also has a voltage divider for the programming voltage on "Arduino pin A2", as well as green LED's for the address bits. 

32 pin socket (budget solution):

32 pin ZIF socket (better solution):

Pinheaders og jumpers: 

Gone are the days of overspending on specialized equipment. With our programmer, you can breathe new life into old ROMs without breaking the bank. Whether you're a hobbyist, tinkerer, or enthusiast, our solution empowers you to explore the vast possibilities of vintage components without the financial burden.

Designed in a convenient Arduino shield form factor, the Relatively Universal ROM Programmer ensures seamless integration with a variety of devices and projects. From erasing to programming, our programmer simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity.
Gear up and unlock the potential of your old ROMs with the Relatively Universal ROM Programmer. It's time to embark on your next electronics adventure without sacrificing affordability. 


You'll find the basic documentation on the board itself, the project log on and the full documentation and sample code on Github

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