Rockwell R6507P (Used)

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Rockwell R6507P (Used)
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Rockwell R6507P (Used)
Produkt: Rockwell R6507P (Used)
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Please be aware this is a used and discontinued IC and even though we test used IC's before reselling them, they should only be considered as a functional collector's item and comes with no guarantee it will keep functioning within the specs of the original datasheet. 

The Rockwell R6507P is essentially Rockwell's variant of the MOS 6507 microprocessor. It is a 28-pin version of the popular MOS 6502 microprocessor. The R6507P primarily functions as a central processing unit (CPU) within various electronic systems. Its role is to execute instructions, handle data processing tasks, and govern the operation of the devices it's integrated into.

The R6507P was widely used in a variety of applications during the late 1970s and early 1980s, such as early home computers and gaming consoles. Its compatibility with the 6502 microprocessor made it a favored choice for system designers looking to create cost-effective and efficient computing platforms.
While the R6507P doesn't feature specialized I/O ports or timers, it remains an integral component in the history of microelectronics, playing a significant role in the success of numerous electronic devices from its era.

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