Simple Universal Modem (PCB Only)

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Simple Universal Modem (PCB Only)
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Simple Universal Modem (PCB Only)
Produkt: Simple Universal Modem (PCB Only)
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 Simple Universal Modem PCB

NOTE: PCB Only - full build details and BOM here -
Unlock the potential of your retrocomputers, PCs, microcontrollers, and more with the Simple Universal Modem PCB. Measuring at a compact 50x15mm, this versatile board is designed to effortlessly save and retrieve data from a variety of devices, making it an ideal solution for retrocomputer data storage or anyone seeking a unique and interesting way to handle information.
Key Features:
Universal Compatibility: Connects seamlessly with retrocomputers, PCs, microcontrollers, and other devices.
Data Storage: Saves data to a range of media, including tape and other audio formats.
Jumper-Selectable TRRS Pinouts: Adaptable to various pin configurations, ensuring compatibility with different devices.
Encoding Agnostic Demodulation Interface: Easily reads data from old tapes with encoding-agnostic demodulation.
RC Filter and Buffer Transistor: Utilizes a 5-stage RC filter and Emitter Follower buffer transistor for optimal signal modulation.
LM393 Comparator Demodulator: Incorporates an LM393 comparator set up as a zero-crossing detector for clean square wave output.
Compact Design: Measuring less than 50x15mm, the board is compact yet powerful.
Technical Details:
TX (Transmit): Expects a 1200/2400Hz FSK modulated square wave on the DataOut pin.
RX (Receive): Expects an FSK modulated sine wave on the ModIn pin. Outputs a 5V square wave on the DataIn pin.
Flexible Input/Output Configurations: Jumper-selectable TRRS pinouts for easy adaptability.
Software Compatibility:
Open-Source Software: Full Bill of Materials (BOM) and build details available on the project page.
Integration Options: Compatible with various software solutions, such as minimodem, Arduino, and other microcontrollers.
Unlock the potential of your vintage devices and embark on a journey of data preservation and exploration with the Simple Universal Modem PCB. For detailed assembly instructions, the complete BOM, and additional information, visit our project page on
Note: This product includes the PCB only. Check the project page for the complete project details, including the BOM and assembly instructions.

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