SST39SF010A (Previously used)

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SST39SF010A (Previously used)
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SST39SF010A (Previously used)
Produkt: SST39SF010A (Previously used)
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This is a recycled and previously used SST39SF010A Flash ROM, a reliable and cost-effective solution for your storage needs. This flash memory chip offers 1 megabit (128K x 8) of non-volatile storage, making it ideal for storing critical firmware, software, or data in a wide range of electronic applications.

Please be aware this is a used and discontinued IC and even though we test used IC's before reselling them, they should only be considered as a functional collector's item and comes with no guarantee it will keep functioning within the specs of the original datasheet. 
The SST39SF010A provides fast and efficient read and write operations, allowing for quick access to your stored information. Its low power consumption ensures energy efficiency, making it suitable for battery-operated devices. With a sector erase and chip erase feature, you can easily manage and update your data.
This previously used Flash ROM has been tested, but may need to have oxidation removed from pins before soldering or use in sockets.
It's an environmentally friendly option as it helps reduce electronic waste by repurposing previously used components.
Upgrade your storage capabilities with the SST39SF010A Flash ROM, a sustainable choice for your electronic projects.

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