Winbond W27C512 (Used)

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Winbond W27C512 (Used)
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Winbond W27C512 (Used)
Produkt: Winbond W27C512 (Used)
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 EEPROM - delivered with latest 65uino-firmware preprogrammed

Please be aware this is a used and discontinued IC and even though we test used IC's before reselling them, they should only be considered as a functional collector's item and comes with no guarantee it will keep functioning within the specs of the original datasheet. 

The Winbond W27C512 is an integrated circuit (IC) commonly known as a Read-Only Memory (ROM) chip. This particular IC is used for non-volatile storage of data and program code in electronic systems. The "512" in its name indicates its capacity, which is 512 kilobits or 64 kilobytes, making it suitable for storing firmware, software, or critical data.

The W27C512 is based on Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) technology, which allows for data to be written and rewritten as needed. Unlike traditional ROM chips, which are read-only, EEPROMs can be electrically programmed and erased, providing flexibility in applications where updates are required.
This IC is widely used in various embedded systems, microcontroller-based projects, and older computer systems to store boot code or configuration data. Its reliability and non-volatile nature make it suitable for applications where data retention is essential, even when the power is removed.

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