Rockwell R6532AP / UM6532 (Used)

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Rockwell R6532AP / UM6532 (Used)
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Rockwell R6532AP / UM6532 (Used)
Produkt: Rockwell R6532AP / UM6532 (Used)
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Please be aware this is a used and discontinued IC and even though we test used IC's before reselling them, they should only be considered as a functional collector's item and comes with no guarantee it will keep functioning within the specs of the original datasheet. 

The Rockwell R6532AP is an integrated circuit (IC) that was widely used in various electronic systems during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It belongs to the Rockwell 6500 series of microcontrollers and is a versatile component known for its compatibility with the popular MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor. The R6532AP combines features of both a general-purpose microcontroller and a peripheral interface adapter (PIA), making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

This IC integrates a timer, two 8-bit parallel I/O ports, and a programmable interval timer, making it useful for tasks involving timing and I/O operations. It operates at low power, which was an essential characteristic for many battery-powered devices of that era.
The Rockwell R6532AP found application in early video game consoles, home computers, and various consumer electronics. Its popularity waned as more advanced microcontroller technologies emerged, but it remains an iconic component in the history of microelectronics, contributing to the development of many innovative products during its time.
Please note: When selling old IC's on Ebay or Asian markets it's common practice to sand off the markings and print new uniform markings. That does, however, mean that you will sometimes get an IC from a different manufacturer than you expect. 
In the case of the 6532 the majority were manufactured by UMC and Rockwell - you might get Rockwell IC's with UMC markings or the other way around. 
That also means you might get a UMC marked 6532, even though this listing says Rockwell 6532



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